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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Avoid Physical Injury to Our Elderly; Physical Therapy is the Key!

When we think of Physical Therapy, the pictures that usually come to mind are severe accidents, injuries, and conditions. We think of it as a remedial program for those who are suffering from the aftermaths of such events. However, what we fail to realize is that Physical Therapy has a broader scope than that.

Usually, we think of our seniors, our grandparents, for example, as people who need intensive care from the doctors. We have to understand that that may not be the case for others. Yes, that might be very helpful for some, but not every elderly needs it.

Some elderly just need to have their strength and balance improved, to stay active even in their condition, and to build their confidence back. That’s not something a doctor can help the elderly with. They can really use all those benefits from Physical Therapy. All these can really contribute to their well being and physical independence.

deborah koval
Physical Injury to Our Elderly

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A List of a Few Things to Look Into When Searching for the Perfect Physical Therapist

Like looking for the perfect tailor, barber, or even a cook, searching for an ideal Physical Therapist is not an easy task to do. Because we are now talking about our health’s well-being, we tend to be more meticulous about it. it is understandable. You’ve probably already been to your doctor’s referred Physical Therapy, but you think he or she might not be the therapist for you.
That is understandable. There’s nothing wrong with that. we seem to seek comfort when we talk about uncomfortable things to other people. there are some people who are just far too easy to trust as compared to others, and when it comes to talking to a therapist, comfort is what you basically need to tell him or her what’s really wrong with you.

So, how do we find the perfect therapist? Do we rely on gut feeling alone? While you may have the right to turn down a therapist because you are just not “comfortable” with him or her, you also need to know a few about which therapist to choose. gut-feeling may just come afterward.

deborah koval
Physical Therapist

Monday, August 5, 2013

Physical Therapy and Its Wide Scope

When do you need a physical therapist? Physical therapy actually covers a lot of fields or areas, not just physical injury. Now, the problem might be your procrastination. Some people just delay going to the physical therapist for many reasons. Let’s forget that suppressing a pain is not eradicating it. You are just temporarily taking it away. It will be back soon.

Some therapists will be recommended by your doctors. However, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with your therapist. If, on the other hand, you are not, you may have to look for another. Try asking your friends for one.

deborah koval
Physical Therapy

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to be a Workaholic without Hurting Yourself in the Workplace

While it is good for our future to work as hard as we can, we should also consider the things at stake. We may aim for that promotion like it is the last piece of bagel in a coffee shop during an afternoon of hunger-strike, but is there anything hanging by a thread? If you’re one of those workaholics (or even the not-so-workaholics) who spends at least eight hours a day hidden inside a cubicle with their eyes stuck on the screen and their fingers running around the keyboards, then you better read this.

Let’s paint a picture, shall we? From morning to lunch break, and after lunch break till afternoon, your eyes are fixed on one screen alone, and you did nothing else but that- except the comfort room calls, of course. If you kept on doing that day after day after day, what do you think is the result of such diligence and dedication to your work?

deborah koval

Do Not be Afraid to Visit Your Physical Therapist (PT)

Feeling a little unusual lately? Have you any observations in your body that may have not been there before but are currently affecting your performance in your job? If yes, then perhaps it is time to visit your physical therapist.

For some of us, going to the physical therapist for consultations might be a little difficult. Why? Simply because the first thing that you have to do to get there is admit that there is something wrong with you. So if you’re not ready to do that, going to the therapist might be a little impossible. However, we should also think about prolonging an illness or any feeling of disorder. It may lead to complications.

deborah koval
Physical Therapist

Friday, July 12, 2013

Did You Know Your Workplace Is Hurting You

If you spend your days working inside a cubicle or in front of a desk and computer then you may already be experiencing a world of pain. The pain may not be that painful yet but it’s a sign that your work is drastically affecting your health and if you’re not careful you could wind up with a lot more than just a simple painful back.

The reason your body is suffering pain is because of the repetitive nature of your daily work activity along with the fact that you seldom move from where you’ve squatted your butt. The long hours of sitting at the same place and doing the same thing over and over again will often results in poor blood circulation. It also puts stress on parts of your body and muscles resulting in the pain that you’re experiencing.

deborah koval
back pain 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sport Injuries You Can Do Without (But Can Happen)

You’ve played some form of sports before right? At the very least you have heard about sports in one form or another. Chances are you play something like that today. That’s because no matter your age you can play things like basketball, tennis and the like.

The thing about playing sports is that it allows you to move your body. As an exercise it is a great way to staying fit or even losing weight. Done on a regular basis it can help you achieve a well-rounded body while keeping you mentally and sometimes emotionally fit as well.

deborah koval
Sport Injuries

Despite its benefits there is a downside to sports as well. Let’s face it, a lot of things we do in life offer benefits and harm and playing sports is no exception. The harm that you get from sports is often done by accident yet can have debilitating effects that can really cause you a lot of pain and at the same time make you lose your range of movement. I’m talking about sports related or induced injuries.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reasons Why You Have Back Pain

Back pain is just that – a pain in your back. It usually affects your muscles, nerves, bones or joints. Basically, since your whole spine is part of your back it can also be affected which means the area from which pain can emanate from is pretty big.

The pain can be described in sections depending on where in your back it is coming from. There’s neck pain, middle back pain, lower back pain and tailbone pain. I don’t think that I have to explain where these areas are because I think they’re pretty self-explanatory.

deborah koval
Back Pain
By itself back pain is quite normal and for the most part doesn’t necessarily require you to go to a doctor, a chiropractor or physical therapist. The pain can be acute, meaning it can last up to 12 weeks, sub-acute or somewhere between 6 top 12 weeks and chronic wherein the pain lasts for more than 12 weeks.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Role Physical Therapists Play

In a nutshell, physical therapists provide a valuable contribution to the healthcare delivery system by improving the quality of health of the people that come under their prevue. They also do prevention and treatment as well as manage any impairment of their patients so they are able to get back to their feet again.

As a provider of health care these trained professionals help their patients get their functionality back while improving their mobility and preventing or at the very least limit the physical effects of injury or disease. They basically promote the return to overall fitness and health of their patients.

deborah koval
Physical Therapists
They do all these things by diagnosing and treating people from all walks of life whether they are 10 years of age or 70. As long as you have a medical condition that limits your range of movements and causes you to suffer pain when you do move then they are the professionals to go to (after you doctor of course).

Thursday, June 13, 2013

PTs Want You To Play Smarter

Yes, it’s true; physical therapists are praying that you get injured when you play basketball or tennis. This way they will have you as their patient since you will need their help in order to get back to how you were before.

deborah koval
Play Smarter

Before everyone starts bashing that first statement I will say this: that’s not true and I was merely saying that in jest. Granted there may be those who secretly wish that but for the most part most physical therapists would rather not see you injured in any way. Sure, it gives them business but I don’t think, and I am giving them the benefit of the doubt here, that anyone would wish something like that on his or her fellow man or woman.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Reasons For Your Muscle Pains

We all suffer from muscle pains at one point (or many points) in our lives. That’s to be expected since we do use our muscles to do a lot of things one of which is to make us move about. Without them, we would not be able to do much of anything and even simple things like lifting and that sort of thing will all be impossible.

Of course, because they do tend to get used a lot, often wrongly, they do tend to get battered and bruised. The result is pain and once that happens we may wind up not being able to do out usual movements which could seriously hamper our way of life.

deborah koval
Muscle Pains
But what do you have to do in order to put some hurting to your muscles? Well for starters how about lifting that big heavy box without knowing how heavy it is. In many cases the reason we hurt our muscles is because we tried to lift something that’s too much for our body to lift.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Qualities Of All Physical Therapists

As a health care professional, physical therapists need to have a certain level of quality that makes them what they are – physical therapists. A little confusing I know but what I mean by that is in order for them to be effective they need to have these little things to make them succeed. As a prospective patient you want them to have it so they can care for you well.

What are these you ask? How about giving it a guess? Maybe you think they should have the right education and all that? Of course, having the right education goes without saying. I’m not being facetious or anything like that; it’s just that having the right education is a requirement for the job so you can take the National Physical Therapy Exam which will then allow you to get a state license (once you pass the state requirements of course).

deborah koval
Physical Therapists

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Job Of A Physical Therapist

An aging population and a population that gets into a lot of accidents and injuries have made physical therapy one of the more sought after careers in the country today. That’s because these professionals are the ones who plan and execute any rehabilitative program that will help anyone with a debilitating injury get back up and return to normal as soon as possible.

Physical therapists do a lot for the people under their care. One of the things that they do, not just in the beginning but throughout the rehabilitation process is to look at a patient’s movements by the way they walk and move all around. This way they are able to diagnose what is dysfunctional with that person’s movements so they can plan a course of action to fix the issue.

deborah koval
Physical Therapist

Thursday, May 30, 2013

So You Want To Become A Physical Therapist

When a person has suffered an injury that results in them not being able to move about as much as they used to before without much pain, who do you think they call? They call a physical therapist of course. That’s hardly surprising since these medical professionals are the people who can help people with such issues get their mobility back and ease the pain that they’re suffering from.

Because people tend to suffer from accidents and the like, injuries to the body are going up. As a result, more and more physical therapists are in demand. This has created a market for these types of practitioners that more and more people are going into this field than ever before.

deborah koval
Physical Therapist

Friday, May 24, 2013

Finding A Physical Therapist For Yourself

An injury can result in immediate pain but can also have effects after the injury has healed. Loss of movement and pain when you do move is perhaps the most common thing people experience.

This is troublesome when you have lived your life with unlimited range of movement and all of a sudden you wind up not being able to do the things you used to do because you can’t move around as much or if you do you suffer debilitating pain. In order to fix that problem and get yourself back to ‘normal’ as soon as possible your best bet is to find and work with a physical therapist.

deborah koval
Physical Therapist

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

There Are Good Physical Therapists Out There

When you’re suffering from physical body pain due to an illness or an injury the last thing you need is to make things worse than they already are. That’s why it isn’t advisable to do self therapy because not only will it potentially not do anything for your pain and injury but it can also make things worse which can result in more injury that may not be cured anymore.

deborah koval
Physical Therapists

Your best bet is to visit a physical therapist. That’s their job – to take care of your pain and see to it that you are able to get back your body’s range of movement without you feeling any pain or discomfort. Basically, they are there to get you back to your old form before the injury or before the pain.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Physical Therapy Is Not As Painful As It Sounds

Pain, by definition is a physical suffering or discomfort that’s caused by either an injury or an illness. It can be a minor thing that still allows you to function with some discomfort or it can be something that really keeps you incapacitated because doing anything results in pain – a lot of pain.

A lot of people when faced with such a predicament often resort to using pain killers to help them alleviate the pain so they can get back to their daily lives. While it may work in the short term, if the pain is really something caused by an injury or illness then it will come back again and again until there will come a point in time when pain killers won’t work anymore.

deborah koval
Physical Therapy

When that occurs only then will that person go to a doctor to see what can be done. Sometimes it can be too late because the damage has already been done. However, in some cases where the problem was caught on time the doctor may prescribe a visit to a physical therapist as opposed to more drastic solutions such as surgery and the like.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In The Know About Physical Therapy

If you’re suffering from physical pain that is recurring and no amount of regular visits can handle it maybe it’s time you visit a physical therapist instead. Who knows, you may find that doing so will not only help alleviate the pain but in the long run actually make it go away.

Physical therapy is the science that does all this while the physical therapist is the person that applies the science to you as a patient. But, what is physical therapy as a whole.

deborah koval
Physical Therapy

Basically, physical therapy is a treatment method that combines exercises with your physical physiology to treat, heal and prevent future pain due to any physical injuries and accidents. In short, it is a field whose sole purpose is to help you with your physical pain such that it not only goes away but also not come back again.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Do These When Exercising

People go to physical therapist because they are suffering from pain. There are a lot of reasons why they may have it; an injury can be the cause, an accident, or because they did something to their body that they shouldn’t have or rather that they could have done better.

Exercise and fitness happens to be one of those things that people tend to do that often causes them the most pain as a result. This is because most often than not, people do exercise without properly doing the things that are needed in order for their body to take the physical activity that it is about to undergo.

deborah koval
Exercise and fitness

Take the warm up as a good example. Every trainer and athlete will tell you that you need to warm up your body properly before you tackle any exercise. This is because doing something strenuous before warming up is detrimental to your muscles.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Should You Have Physical Therapy

Athletes suffer from pain in one form or another all the time. It’s a normal part of their chosen field and it’s hardly surprising if they feel pain after exerting themselves at an event or something similar.

For the majority of us who are not athletes, pain also comes in one form or another. It could be from something minor or something that can totally change our way of life in some way. What I’m getting at is regardless of who we are, as long as we’re human beings we will suffer pain in our system whether we like it or not.

That being said there are certain types of pain that requires more than just a simple ice pack, heat pack or a couple pieces of Aspirin. These are the type of pain that just won’t go away such that your way of life is drastically changed.

deborah koval
Physical Therapy