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Hey! I’m Lander Mitchell. I’m a health, car, and travels enthusiast. Welcome to my blog!

This blog is dedicated to health, specifically Physical Therapy.

Those two words, Physical Therapy, may not sound too friendly for a number of people. 

Physical Therapy is actually one of the best things in the medical field. A lot of people, unfortunately, fear it for different reasons.

Since I am a person who loves to stay as healthy as possible, I make efforts in engaging to physical activities like exercising and sports. I love sports. It helps me sweat, and it keeps me fit. There is nothing more rewarding than having a tight core. By staying healthy, I am more driven to work and pursue my passions.


Alas! That interjection is common to my mouth. I groan and struggle from accidents. Accidents are inevitable when you’re playing ball or any sport for that matter. Even when I’m running, I sprain a foot. That’s one of the biggest possibilities. 
Physical Therapy

Miracle Workers: Physical Therapists

Thanks to the expertise of Physical Therapists, I easily get back on track. When I get injured, I get ill as a consequence. My body is too accustomed to physical activities that hibernating from them gets me sick. I feel weak when I can’t sweat in a day! 

Okay, I won’t deny it. Getting back on track may not be the most painless process there is, but the important thing is you are sure you’ll get back to your normal state. Physical Therapists also try their best to restore your body to its normal state as painless as possible. However, you should not expect an absolutely pain-free treatment.

An Irrational Fear?

I’ve spoken to a lot of people about their fears of Physical Therapy (PT). Some say PT is painful; some say PT is a waste of time; and some say PT is expensive.

Let’s address those fears one by one.

Like I admitted earlier, Physical Therapy does not guarantee a pain-free process of healing. But remember: no pain, no gain. There might be pain, but the recovery is guaranteed. You know that you’re on the right track of being restored. When you sprain your foot, for example, you cannot just let your foot heal itself. That’s dangerous. Let Therapists heal you. They will do their best to get your foot back to normal.
With that, Physical Therapy is definitely not a waste of time. We’re working to pay our bills, and we need our bodies to fully function for us to pursue our dreams and work on our passions, like sports, in my case. I cannot play sports with a swollen foot, right? I cannot maximize my body’s full ability if something is wrong with my foot or my wrist or whatever. 

Well, Physical Therapy may be expensive, depending on the kind of treatment you’ll be having and the kind of injury that you have. But I’m telling you, it is worth every penny! 

More Than Reconstructive 

Aside from restoration, Physical Therapy covers different areas such as injury of different body systems, chronic health conditions, and assisting the elderly. Basically, everyone needs physical therapy. 

The Main Purpose

This blog will help you understand important things about Physical Therapy. Along the way, I’m hoping you’ll rid all those fears and bad perceptions about it. This blog will also help you how to look for the best Physical Therapy for you!

In my case, Physical Therapists are my friends. They’re my miracle workers! They help me get back on track. 

Read up, and be enlightened!  


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