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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Physical Therapy Is Not As Painful As It Sounds

Pain, by definition is a physical suffering or discomfort that’s caused by either an injury or an illness. It can be a minor thing that still allows you to function with some discomfort or it can be something that really keeps you incapacitated because doing anything results in pain – a lot of pain.

A lot of people when faced with such a predicament often resort to using pain killers to help them alleviate the pain so they can get back to their daily lives. While it may work in the short term, if the pain is really something caused by an injury or illness then it will come back again and again until there will come a point in time when pain killers won’t work anymore.

deborah koval
Physical Therapy

When that occurs only then will that person go to a doctor to see what can be done. Sometimes it can be too late because the damage has already been done. However, in some cases where the problem was caught on time the doctor may prescribe a visit to a physical therapist as opposed to more drastic solutions such as surgery and the like.

Now some people are a bit skeptical of physical therapy because for them it doesn’t sound like a real medical field much like some people question the legitimacy of chiropractors. The thing is, physical therapy is real and it results in benefits that can greatly benefit you if you happen to be suffering from pain.

This is part of physical therapy’s core mandate since it’s a field which does its utmost to return you to your active lifestyle while at the same time reduce your pain, increase your range of motion and flexibility and get you back on your feet pain free for the long term. Simply put, physical therapy fixes the pain by targeting the cause and seeing to it that you are able to move without cringing.

But the question that needs to be asked is whether you will be suffering pain while you’re in physical therapy. To put it bluntly – yes, you will be feeling pain and discomfort while you are being treated by the physical therapist. This is only normal because he or she is moving a part of your body that was in pain to begin with.

That being said, the type of pain you will be feeling is not the same as the type of pain you felt before you were being treated. That’s because a physical therapist does have treatments available that can lessen the pain’s impact. At the same time because they are health professional they will do test first to really see what is going on with you and how bad things are.

They also make sure to check your medical records since more often than not you have been referred there by your physician. Using your records and such the therapist will then be able to figure out the best possible therapy plan for you to follow that will not just fix your problem but at the same time see to it that you suffer as little pain as possible.

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