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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sport Injuries You Can Do Without (But Can Happen)

You’ve played some form of sports before right? At the very least you have heard about sports in one form or another. Chances are you play something like that today. That’s because no matter your age you can play things like basketball, tennis and the like.

The thing about playing sports is that it allows you to move your body. As an exercise it is a great way to staying fit or even losing weight. Done on a regular basis it can help you achieve a well-rounded body while keeping you mentally and sometimes emotionally fit as well.

deborah koval
Sport Injuries

Despite its benefits there is a downside to sports as well. Let’s face it, a lot of things we do in life offer benefits and harm and playing sports is no exception. The harm that you get from sports is often done by accident yet can have debilitating effects that can really cause you a lot of pain and at the same time make you lose your range of movement. I’m talking about sports related or induced injuries.

You’ve probably heard about them – those injuries that have put many a professional sport player out to the sidelines often temporarily while they heal or permanently in some cases. If you play a lot of sports like say basketball chances are you have probably suffered some sort of injury in one form or another so you won’t be new to all of this.

Since we started talking about basketball let’s stick with that. Basketball can be a rugged sport even while it is a tough one both physically and mentally. You’re running, jumping and colliding with people and the chances of getting hurt is always ever present.

Let’s start with sprains. It happens when you overexert yourself either by running too hard or jumping up and landing wrong. It can happen in a variety of ways and the result is very painful such that you often hobble off the court in many cases.

If the sprain impact is great you can even have torn ligaments and tendons. Tearing muscles in the shoulders, hips and legs is one of the more devastating injury to an athlete and more so for non-athletes whose body is not conditioned to take the abuse and impact of sports such as basketball. If there is a tear you may need surgery to repair it else it will heal wrong and become worse than it is.

If you think tears are bad then broken bones is up there as well. Here’s the scenario: you jump up and land wrong on someone’s foot. Not only do you have a sprain and a tear your ankle is broken as well. At the very least it’s dislocated; at worse its broken and needs a cast and all that. Either way it is painful.

Over time these injuries will heal by themselves but if not properly taken cared of they will heal but heal weak. This makes them susceptible to further injuries and you may not be able to use that body part 100% without suffering any pain. In order to prevent this you may want to consider going to a physical therapist to help with the healing process so the injury you suffered from that one weekend of basketball doesn’t prevent you from playing more weekends like that.

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