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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Do These When Exercising

People go to physical therapist because they are suffering from pain. There are a lot of reasons why they may have it; an injury can be the cause, an accident, or because they did something to their body that they shouldn’t have or rather that they could have done better.

Exercise and fitness happens to be one of those things that people tend to do that often causes them the most pain as a result. This is because most often than not, people do exercise without properly doing the things that are needed in order for their body to take the physical activity that it is about to undergo.

deborah koval
Exercise and fitness

Take the warm up as a good example. Every trainer and athlete will tell you that you need to warm up your body properly before you tackle any exercise. This is because doing something strenuous before warming up is detrimental to your muscles.

Without being warmed up muscles tend to be cold. This means they are not flexible and pliant enough and are not able to really breathe well. Taffy is perhaps the best analogy for it. When you buy it the taffy is often cooled and thus a bit hard. Sure, it has some spring to it but it will break if you keep turning and twisting it in that hardened state.

Compare this with warm or hot taffy. In this state the taffy is soft and pliable. You can twist and turn it any which way and it will simply follow suit. That’s what happens with your muscles – if you don’t warm up your muscles can potentially break or tear because it is not flexible enough to take the physical activity you have planned.

Stretching is an important part of warming up. Think of it as part 2 of warming up. Part 1 is to simply warm up your muscles so they become flexible. Part 2 is make sure these same muscles have range of motion and more flexibility so that you will be able to do the exercises that you want to do.

If you’re just starting out with exercising don’t jump right into the deep end of the pool. There are different levels of exercise and tackling a high level when you’re just starting is basically asking your body to become battered which can result in an injury.

Start with the basics based on your level of experience and physical health. Sure, being able to lift twice your own weight is good but if you haven’t done this before you can wind up tearing a lot more than just muscles. What this basically means is do not over exert yourself until you know you are able to tackle it.

You can simply go to the gym and start working out and exercising by yourself but this is not recommended. You should at least start out by working with a trainer. This way you have a professional who can guide you so you know what you need to so as a beginner so that you don’t go beyond what your body can handle. At the same time the trainer can help you so you can maximize using your body without hurting it.

Exercise and being fit is good and all but not at the expense of your body. Even your physical therapist will tell you this and they should know – they have seen the results of people who did not do these things and wind up broken in the process.

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