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Friday, May 24, 2013

Finding A Physical Therapist For Yourself

An injury can result in immediate pain but can also have effects after the injury has healed. Loss of movement and pain when you do move is perhaps the most common thing people experience.

This is troublesome when you have lived your life with unlimited range of movement and all of a sudden you wind up not being able to do the things you used to do because you can’t move around as much or if you do you suffer debilitating pain. In order to fix that problem and get yourself back to ‘normal’ as soon as possible your best bet is to find and work with a physical therapist.

deborah koval
Physical Therapist

Now there are a couple ways you can go about finding one. Basically it’s the same way you go about finding a doctor or a dentist. You want to be able to do some due diligence so you are assured, at least in some ways, that the physical therapist that you get will not only do the job but do the job right.

Your first impulse would probably be to look at the yellow pages. Not a bad idea since if you want to look for something or someone you do want to go to the yellow pages. You will definitely find what you’re looking for but with limits.

That’s because you’ll see the ad but it really won’t tell you if that therapist is good or not. At the very least it will help you jumpstart your search since now you will have a name and number to use so you can get more information.

Once you start calling around don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s better to talk to the therapist one on one but you can still get a lot of information over the phone. Things like specialties and licensing and such are par for the course in terms of the information you want to know.

Also, ask about their program and his or her belief or philosophy in terms of care. What you want is a result oriented approach so both you and the therapist can see the fruits of your hard work.

Once you’ve limited your list down try to get some information from other sources about them. That is to say don’t just take the therapists word on it; you want to get some corroboration. The best way is for you to speak to some of their clients so you get an idea of how good these therapists are.

Of course you can also ask around using friends and family, especially if they have used a therapist at one time or another. Nothing like first-hand experience to give you a better picture of the therapist you want info on.

Don’t forget that you more often than not you will need your doctor’s referral in order to even set an appointment. In many states insurance companies and laws require that patients need a doctor’s referral in order to see a physical therapist. The advantage of this is that your doctor may know a therapist or two so it can help in your search. So maybe, instead of going to the yellow pages you may want to go to your doctor first.

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