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Friday, September 7, 2012

Causes of stroke: How do you get a stroke?

The most common type of stroke is called an "ischemic stroke" and is caused by a blockage cutting-off the blood supply to, or through, part of the brain.1

Stroke may also be caused by a bleed from a burst blood vessel, which is called "hemorrhagic stroke"1

Commona causes of stroke2

Blood flow to/within brain cut-off byBlood clot
Obstruction forms withinLarge artery within or outside the brainGeneral circulationIn brain
Medical termCerebral thrombus Cerebral embolism Lacunar stroke

Blood flow to/within brain cut-off byBleed from a burst blood vessel 
Obstruction forms within In brainBetween brain and skull 
Medical termIntracerebral hemorrhageSubarachnoid hemorrhage  
a there are also other less common causes of stroke, including cerebral hypoperfusion and cerebral venous thrombosis

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Physical Therapist's Guide to Health Care

Product Description

The Physical Therapist's Guide to Health Care is the simple, clear approach to understanding health care in today's changing environment. This book provides a strategy based approach to help physical therapists successfully manage change and meet the challenges of clinical practice in common practice settings.

This essential text includes an introduction to health care that covers the basics of health care financing, health care reimbursement systems, cost containment strategies and referral services. Important issues covered in this book include trends in acute, subacute, home health care practice, outcomes management and prevention.

Chapters include information on health care reimbursement systems and cost containment strategies, time and caseload management, documentation requirements, quality management in physical therapy, and the role of the physical therapist in prevention and wellness.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Natural Ways to Prevent a Stroke

 What Risk Factors Must be Changed in Order to Avoid All Strokes
Learn how to make the needed changes in diet and lifestyle to prevent and avoid strokes and heart disease. It is never too late.

According to the American Heart Association and the National Stroke Association, strokes are the third largest killer in the United States, only after heart disease and cancer. People over 65 years of age have a greater chance of having a stroke and strokes are the leading cause of disability in America. More African-American Black have strokes than Whites or Hispanics. Women have a slight higher risk of dying from a stroke than a man, but men have more strokes then women. (3)

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Prevent a Stroke 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Survive a Stroke

Action Plan

Stroke Action Plan - If you notice the signs of stroke in yourself or someone else: 1.) Call 911 IMMEDIATELY - the most effective stroke treatment must be started within 3 hours. 2.) DO NOT take aspirin. Unlike with heart attack, aspiring can make strokes worse. 3.) Bring with you a list of medications you are taking and ones you are allergic to.

Know the Symptoms
To insure you receive prompt treatment and have the best chance for a positive outcome, it is crucial that both you and your loved ones know how to recognize stroke symptoms before anything happens. Since stroke is a brain injury, someone who has suffered one may be confused and unable to take the necessary steps themselves.

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Survive a Stroke