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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In The Know About Physical Therapy

If you’re suffering from physical pain that is recurring and no amount of regular visits can handle it maybe it’s time you visit a physical therapist instead. Who knows, you may find that doing so will not only help alleviate the pain but in the long run actually make it go away.

Physical therapy is the science that does all this while the physical therapist is the person that applies the science to you as a patient. But, what is physical therapy as a whole.

deborah koval
Physical Therapy

Basically, physical therapy is a treatment method that combines exercises with your physical physiology to treat, heal and prevent future pain due to any physical injuries and accidents. In short, it is a field whose sole purpose is to help you with your physical pain such that it not only goes away but also not come back again.

You might say that you can do all this yourself. After all, with the information that you can get off of the internet you can handle such pains yourself without having to pay a professional to do it with you.

Sure, you can do that if you want but there are risks involved. There’s a reason why physical therapist have to go to school and train – this is so they understand what is going on with the body and how best to deal with any problems without aggravating the situation.

Therein lays the main reason why you shouldn’t try and tackle pain that you have no idea why it’s happening. If you just do exercises and such on that specific area without knowing how to do it or even if it is the right one to do you may wind up damaging your body more so that it is no resulting in more pain and potentially an irreparable injury.

With a physical therapist, you will be able to work with your body and know how to properly apply the right exercises with the right level so you slowly get your movements back without aggravating the pain or the injury.

This is because the physical therapist will evaluate your body and focus on the pain area. In doing so, they will personalize an exercise regimen that will work only with you such that it will slowly take care of the damaged area while ensuring that you are able to do the required healing exercises without damaging yourself in the process.

What does it all mean? It means that instead of trying to lift weights of 20 pounds or more if you did it yourself, you will only be lifting 5 pound weights and do it in a more controlled manner. And this is often done in increments instead of jumping right in all at once – admit it, if you were doing it you will more than likely just do it all at once just to get it over with.

It’s best to consult with your physician before visiting a physical therapist. Not only will you get an explanation as to the areas where the pain is so you can explain it to the therapist you will also get a referral in the process. This is necessary because in a lot of states you do need a doctor’s referral to be able to go to a physical therapist.

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