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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Five (5) Simple Steps to Avoid Knee Injury at the Gym

Knee injury is one of the most common problems of people, especially for those who have intensive workout routines every day. Knee injuries can be caused by one accident or by repeating something that causes stress to the knees.

Often, we neglect to take precautions because we think this sort of injury will not happen to us. And when we encounter injury, we usually opt to take care of ourselves rather than seeking professional help, like physical therapy, which can immediately and correctly address the problem.

deborah koval
Avoid Knee Injury

When you’re a gym goer or even if you’re still planning to enroll yourself in a gym, you have to be more careful with your body. A lot of injuries happen at the gym because people neglect a few basic things. For reminder’s sake, take note of the following tips to dodge knee injuries or any injury at all:

  • Do Warm Ups.
Some people say warm up are only for people who go to the gym; something they do before they execute the routines given to them by their instructors. However, warm ups early in the morning can be really good. Stretch and move a little bit when you wake up. Stretch muscles in front and at the back of your thighs. This relieves pressure on the knees because it decreases the tension in your tendons.

  • Watch Your Weight
Weight gain can be really bad for people. A lot of people complain about the obvious presence of pain on their backs because they have gained weight. It can also result to an increase of stress in your knees, which results to knee pains.

  • Wear the Right Footwear
The choice of shoes matters. Make sure your shoes are made for exercise; make sure they fit you well, too. Most people encounter injury because of the wrong footwear.

  • Know Your Limits.
When you’re at the gym working up to sweat, make sure you know when to stop. Listen to your body. If you are too exhausted, you don’t have to push so hard. Give your body time to acclimate with the new routines that are heavier than your usual.

  • Build Up Your Routine
When you’re exercising, don’t start with a very strenuous routine. Start with the simpler ones until you get to the difficult ones. Warm ups can prepare your body for exercise, but they may not be enough. The simpler routines can be an extension your warm ups.

Again, just a friendly reminder: if you still injure yourself, don’t go for self-healing. Seek a physical therapist to help you out.


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