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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Reasons For Your Muscle Pains

We all suffer from muscle pains at one point (or many points) in our lives. That’s to be expected since we do use our muscles to do a lot of things one of which is to make us move about. Without them, we would not be able to do much of anything and even simple things like lifting and that sort of thing will all be impossible.

Of course, because they do tend to get used a lot, often wrongly, they do tend to get battered and bruised. The result is pain and once that happens we may wind up not being able to do out usual movements which could seriously hamper our way of life.

deborah koval
Muscle Pains
But what do you have to do in order to put some hurting to your muscles? Well for starters how about lifting that big heavy box without knowing how heavy it is. In many cases the reason we hurt our muscles is because we tried to lift something that’s too much for our body to lift.

A heavy object that is deceptive can do just that. Our mind thinks that it is lighter than it really is so because of that we are led to believe we can lift it in one jerk. Unfortunately, because it is heavier than expected that one jerk can cause injury to out muscles because of the resistance and there you have it – a pulled muscle that will heal but may not heal properly.

Another way to hurt your muscles is if you did a physical activity that you’re not used to. You know what I mean – exercise. A lot of people think exercise is as easy as simply doing it and everything is fine. That, unfortunately, isn’t the case.

If your body, especially your muscles, are not used to it then it will not be as limber and as ready to take the brunt of all the action. Basically, it will still resist and you know what happens when things resist – they do tend to break. There’s a reason why you hear the advice that you should warm up first before tackling any exercise routine – this is the reason why.

Warming up before doing any physically strenuous activity is always advisable. However, it won’t do you any good if you happen to get into some sort of accident. Falling and spraining your leg or arm has nothing to do on whether you warmed up or not. The same is true if you get hit by something such as a blunt object or something like that.

When this happens the injury to your muscles may take a while to heal. This means you want to make sure you give your body the rest that it needs in order for it to get back to normal again in some form. Accidents can be minimized if you learn some restraints. Pushing yourself too much, say when you practice for a sport, can have negative effects that can result in you hurting your body instead of helping it.

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