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Friday, May 23, 2014

Proper Body Mechanics When Lifting, Pushing, and Pulling an Object

Every single day we are exposed to injury. When we walk to work, when we go to the gym, or even as simple as when we’re picking something up from the ground- possible injury can be expected.

Let’s go back to “as simple as when we’re picking something up from the ground”. Some people just don’t know the proper body mechanics, and that leads to injury. Even at work, you may be exposed to injury just by how you sit down or what type of chair and desk you are using to get your job done. Read more about that here.

deborah koval
Body Mechanics

So, for starters, here are several proper body mechanics to help you avoid injuries:

Lifting a Heavy Object
  • You should stand with your feet apart from each other.
  • Maintain a straight back
  • Move your body closer to the object
  • You should never bend at your waist. Bend from the knees and hips.
  • Rotate your whole body when turning; not just your back.
  • Put your hands around the object when holding it.
  • Do not use your back muscles when lifting. Use your arm and leg muscles
  • Ask assistance.
  • Use equipment to help you with the lifting.
When Pushing or Pulling an Object
  • Don’t use your back to exert force when pushing or pulling an object. Always use the weight of your body to avoid injury.
  • Make sure your feet are settled apart from each other.
  • Maintain a straight back.
  • Move your body closer to the object you’re pushing or pulling. You need to bend from your hips and knees; not at the waist.
  • Make sure you ask assistance from someone or be assisted by equipment if the object is too heavy for you.
These two are highlighted in this section because they often cause other people’s injury. Apart from not standing and sitting properly, people hurt themselves because they don’t know how to pick up or push an object, may it be heavy or not.

You do these things every day, so it is important to follow the simple but effective procedures so you won’t hurt yourself in the process. And if you do injure yourself, your back, most probably, immediately seek the help of a PhysicalTherapist. Don’t try and heal yourself. That might not work, especially when your back is the problem. 


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